Why RenderBreak?

I’m Walter Soyka, founder and principal of Keen Live.  A very brief introduction: my firm specializes in presentation, motion graphics, and widescreen design for live events. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to our work, blending understanding of design, technology and business in production.  As a digital media designer, I spend a lot of time watching progress bars on my computer while it renders my work.  I spend that time thinking about how we work now and we’ll be working in the future. I’ll be writing on these topics here.


But why should you be a part of RenderBreak?


Because every production wants to stand out.  Because every production wants to make a big impression.  Because every production wants to have an impact.


And because all this is hard to do.  Because it’s hard to be the pioneer.  New trends in business constantly call for new designs and new experiences.  A design that would have been impossible to implement six months ago might be possible today with a new technology.  And, of course, new technology leads to new business needs and the cycle repeats.


RenderBreak is for designers, producers, and technicians interested in keeping up with these trends and their implications in digital media production and live experiences. I encourage feedback right here in the comments, and I’d love to feature guest submissions. Of course, I can also always be reached by email at walter@keenlive.com.


Thanks for reading. Let’s make this becomes a valuable resource for innovation in production.

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